Monday, June 25, 2012

iMech Online Announced at WWDC

Taken from the Mobula site at

Mobula is happy to finally announce our game we’ve been working on, iMech Online. iMech Online is the successor to the hit game, iMech which made it to the top of the App Store charts and showcased groundbreaking network technology back in 2009. iMech Online is a competitive multiplayer dual-stick shooter that focuses on action packed PvP battles. With iMech Online, Mobula plans to significantly up the graphics, add a ton more Mechs, give each mech major functional differences to create a more competitive online experience and really make the best online, competitive game on mobile and tablet devices.
iMech Online will feature:
  • More than a dozen Mechs, each with a custom ability to give you an edge over your opponents
  • An arsenal of weapons ranging from guns to flamethrowers, to lasers, to missiles
  • High quality 3D graphics to give you a polished and awesome gaming experience
  • Competitive match-making
  • Online rankings & stats
  • Tech-tree to adjust your strengths and weaknesses
  • Upgrades to give you the edge
  • Destructible buildings and interactive environments
  • Universal app

Our friends at TouchArcade have been kind enough to preview our game including a hands-on video of the current pre alpha build which can be seen at

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