Sunday, October 19, 2014

MBA Coming Updates

Yes This image was made by the artists for the old game...

The mech was not launched because of model issues that were finally fixed.

Sorry I didn't update quick, stuff was all over the place in life it but its better now. Also going on vacation for a few days and I hope to work on MBA and add some maps and more mechs for the next updates.

This mech is Reaver.

Update 1.6.8 ( Submitted to Apple )
- Has the fix for TDM AOE ability crash.
- Has fix for mechs being black on the new iOS devices
- Forces ios 6.0 as the minimum iOS version

Update 1.6.9 Also includes MBA HD
- Has Reaver Mech  
- 3 Maps That were Made before by the artists and 1 new one made by me. I hope to have more movement in the map to make it look way more alive.
- Finally working and downloadable in Google Play

- Put textures at max size and turn on all the particle effects
- Will only work on new devices with iOS 8.0
- The build will be larger than 100MB I think about 300MB
- should look way more pretty. 

MBA 2.0 ( Will have its own Blog Post)
- Herulian Mechs (From iMech Original)
- All mechs will be more unique stats wise
- level cap 60
- And some more stuff that we turned off but planned in the original iMech Online.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Felix, the Stalker

Felix is a stalker mech who attacks unsuspecting mechs with its Ink bomb ability which renders them unable to see.  Felix uses this to its advantage to kill its prey.


Ink Bomb- Disables tactical HUD and covers vision with Ink

Coming soon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plethoron, the Prison Guard

Plethoron was originally designed by the Dragmor Industries to intimidate the Terran Union forces with his sheer size.  He was built to leave no survivors and to finish off the weak on the battlefield.


Lockdown- Plethoron shoots out a force-engineered tungsten anchor that temporarily immobilizes its victim.

Coming soon!