Monday, December 16, 2013

Recent Updates & Info

Hey Mech Pilots,

We've made some recent changes in terms of pricing and balancing which you may have noticed:

Upgrade Improvements
- We've made some major improvements to many of the Upgrades to balance some of the other Upgrades that weren't as good.

Credit Bundles- We've increased the amount of Credits you will receive per Credit Bundle.  They are now 1000:1 Credit to Orbs.  The change was made when Mech Battle Arena was introduced (there was a text error that still had the old values for the first few days, but all purchases gave the increased Credit value)

Bonus XP & Credits
- Bonus XP and Bonus Credits now give an additional 2X more XP and Credits during the time duration they're active

Regarding Friendly Fire in Team Deathmatch:
1. Explosion Damage (Rockets, Mines, Grenade Launcher) hurts everyone, including yourself.  Explosion Damage causes an area of effect damage so this should be taken in consideration when firing (ex. at point blank range, etc.).  Mines are not triggered by Teammates, but when they do explode, they hurt everyone within range.

2. EMP Pinch also drains everyone's Shields, including Electromags so it only makes sense for all teammates to be affected by it.

3. For Computer Virus (silence), Radar Jammer, and Weapon Jammer, we are evaluating these abilities and the Team gameplay mechanics and may release an update which makes teammates immune to their own team's ability in the future.

For any questions or issues, please send an email to our support line at and we'll be happy to help you out.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Introducing Mech Battle Arena

Did we say 12/12?  Well, you're in luck!  The Update is now LIVE!
The time has finally come...

This update is so big that we can't even call it the same name anymore!  

We've worked very closely with a publishing partner, Glu in bringing this "new game" to you! We have officially changed the name of the game from iMech Online to Mech Battle Arena! 

Here's a summary of what's new!

Guild System is LIVE
  • New Guild system with a maximum of 25 members per Guild
  • Guild Leaders can promote up to five (5) Officers that have additional permissions (set by Leader)
  • Guild Leaders and Officers can purchase Guild Bonuses which give 24-hour boosts to all guild members

New Team Deathmatch Game Mode
  • Players can either solo queue or join as a group/team into a Team Deathmatch game where there is no Friendly Fire
  • Team Deathmatch games are still 5 minutes in duration
  • Team Deathmatch games affect a new rating system, the Team Rating

  • General Chat is now available in the Menus within Community and guild members will be defaulted to their own Guild Chat.  Players can switch chat rooms by the List button to the left of the Community Menu.
  • Players can create their own chat rooms from the New Chat button at the left of the Community Menu.  Once players are in the same chatroom, they can invite other people in their room to join a Team Deathmatch game as a group.
  • At the Game Summary, all members of the completed match will be put into a chat room

Group Join
  • Players in the same chat (excluding General Chat) can join as a Group or Team in Team Deathmatch – the Inviter can invite up to 3 additional players to join together

Single-Use Modifiers
  • Players can now purchase Modifiers before each match to help compete on the battlefield

Upgrade Enhancer
  • The upgrade enhancer can be access from the Upgrades Menu and allows a player to permanently enhance their Upgrade item to the next level, which gives a multiplier to the existing upgrade stats

  • Radar now shows friendly players as green dots
  • Mines and Pickups now appear on the radar if you have Advanced Sensors in the Tech Tree

Mech Balances
  • Legionnaris' ability, Shield Overload can now be used even when he is out of Shields
  • Shield Overload duration has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • Chester's ability, Anti-matter Thrusters can also now be used even when he is out of Shields
  • The cooldown for Aegis' ability, Reinforced Shields has been increased

Weapon Balances
  • Reduced the damage done by Corrosive Gas
  • Reduced the HULL damage done by Flak Cannon
  • Redesigned Photon Array so that it's more effective in battle
  • Fixed a bug with Disruptors
  • Many new weapons to be available soon including the Grenade Launcher available NOW!

Multiplayer Maps
  • New maps!
    • Industrial City (Free For All only), 
    • Metalworks (Team Deathmatch only)

Mission Mode
  • New and upgraded Tutorial
  • 8 single-player mission are available to test your skill against AI bots

Practice Mode
  • Practice/Survival Mode is available to practice new maneuvers or just survive

Account Linking/Recover
  • Players can now Link and Recover their account so that they can switch between different devices and retain the same account

  • Added Menu Transitions
  • Redesigned Game Summary Menu which includes post-game chat

Language Support
  • Mech Battle Arena is now fully localized in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Recovering Your Account Instructions

Hey Mech Pilots!

When the new update goes live, you will need to download the new app and when you login, you'll be considered a brand new user.  You'll need to recover your iMech Online account in the new game in order to get your account back in the new app.

Here are the steps in order to recover your account:

Options is now at the top Profile Bar in the menus.

Go to Options.  Within Options, you'll see a new button called LINK ACCOUNT and RECOVER ACCOUNT.  Go to RECOVER ACCOUNT.

WITHIN RECOVER ACCOUNT, there will be three (3) options.  Go to RECOVER IMECH ACCOUNT.

Now, you'll see a bunch of fields.  You will need to input your CODE1 and CODE2 which you received within iMech Online.  On the day of the update, we will display your CODE1 and CODE2 numbers.  Be sure to write them down correctly, they will be very long.  Then you will need to enter in your e-mail address and a new password to automatically link your account to your email address.

In the future, you can recover this same account on other devices by choosing RECOVER VIA E-MAIL with this new email address and password that you enter here.

For those of you that connect to iMech Online by Facebook Connect, as long as you're connected to the same Facebook account that you originally used on your device, you can simply select the RECOVER VIA FB option.

If anything goes wrong during this process, please be sure to email and we will try to help you recover your account.