Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mech Showcase: Bootlock


Bootlock is a modern iteration of one of the early mech designs that Dragmor Industries sold to the Terran Union. It quickly developed a reputation as one of the most stable and user-friendly mechs during the Corp Wars. With its four legs, Bootlock is able to traverse the uneven terrains of different worlds, and Bootlock’s dense armor makes it extremely effective against physical damage weapons. Due to its high survivability, Bootlock is often placed on the front lines of combat. Bootlock pilots are not known to give mercy to their opponents.


Mobile Repair Unit - Bootlock's Mobile Repair Unit (MRU) repairs Hull quickly and also puts out internal fires that it encounters while repairing.


  • The MRU is best used when Hull fires have just started. By moving to a safe location and activating the MRU before the next skirmish, pilots can re-engage with a repaired Hull giving them the upper hand.
  • Activating the MRU when Bootlock is at full Hull should be avoided to maximize the Hull gain.
  • With Bootlock’s resistance to physical damage, it should do very well against opponents equipped with bullet-based weapons, such as a machine gun or shotgun. 

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