Saturday, May 25, 2013

Electromag, the Force Multiplier

First deployed in the latter years of the Corp Wars, Electromag is one of Dragmor Industries’ most technologically advanced battlemechs.  Though Dragmor was always on the cutting edge of space-faring and military technologies, it was heavily outmanned by the Terran Union and some of the larger, older corporations like APEX and Northworks.  Electromag was developed by Dragmor’s Asymmetrical Warfare Division, which focused on developing weapons systems that could neutralize superior manpower.  With its shield-breaking EMP, Electromag is feared for its ability to quickly turn the tide of battle.

Ability - EMP Pinch: An AOE blast zeroes all mech shields in its path, including the Electromag’s.  

1 comment:

  1. The drawback is the EMP pinch affecting itself. Don't you think something that advanced would be able to defend itself? Especially being outmanned by Terran and other units. I would still give it a shot, however.