Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Introducing Mech Battle Arena

Did we say 12/12?  Well, you're in luck!  The Update is now LIVE!
The time has finally come...

This update is so big that we can't even call it the same name anymore!  

We've worked very closely with a publishing partner, Glu in bringing this "new game" to you! We have officially changed the name of the game from iMech Online to Mech Battle Arena! 

Here's a summary of what's new!

Guild System is LIVE
  • New Guild system with a maximum of 25 members per Guild
  • Guild Leaders can promote up to five (5) Officers that have additional permissions (set by Leader)
  • Guild Leaders and Officers can purchase Guild Bonuses which give 24-hour boosts to all guild members

New Team Deathmatch Game Mode
  • Players can either solo queue or join as a group/team into a Team Deathmatch game where there is no Friendly Fire
  • Team Deathmatch games are still 5 minutes in duration
  • Team Deathmatch games affect a new rating system, the Team Rating

  • General Chat is now available in the Menus within Community and guild members will be defaulted to their own Guild Chat.  Players can switch chat rooms by the List button to the left of the Community Menu.
  • Players can create their own chat rooms from the New Chat button at the left of the Community Menu.  Once players are in the same chatroom, they can invite other people in their room to join a Team Deathmatch game as a group.
  • At the Game Summary, all members of the completed match will be put into a chat room

Group Join
  • Players in the same chat (excluding General Chat) can join as a Group or Team in Team Deathmatch – the Inviter can invite up to 3 additional players to join together

Single-Use Modifiers
  • Players can now purchase Modifiers before each match to help compete on the battlefield

Upgrade Enhancer
  • The upgrade enhancer can be access from the Upgrades Menu and allows a player to permanently enhance their Upgrade item to the next level, which gives a multiplier to the existing upgrade stats

  • Radar now shows friendly players as green dots
  • Mines and Pickups now appear on the radar if you have Advanced Sensors in the Tech Tree

Mech Balances
  • Legionnaris' ability, Shield Overload can now be used even when he is out of Shields
  • Shield Overload duration has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • Chester's ability, Anti-matter Thrusters can also now be used even when he is out of Shields
  • The cooldown for Aegis' ability, Reinforced Shields has been increased

Weapon Balances
  • Reduced the damage done by Corrosive Gas
  • Reduced the HULL damage done by Flak Cannon
  • Redesigned Photon Array so that it's more effective in battle
  • Fixed a bug with Disruptors
  • Many new weapons to be available soon including the Grenade Launcher available NOW!

Multiplayer Maps
  • New maps!
    • Industrial City (Free For All only), 
    • Metalworks (Team Deathmatch only)

Mission Mode
  • New and upgraded Tutorial
  • 8 single-player mission are available to test your skill against AI bots

Practice Mode
  • Practice/Survival Mode is available to practice new maneuvers or just survive

Account Linking/Recover
  • Players can now Link and Recover their account so that they can switch between different devices and retain the same account

  • Added Menu Transitions
  • Redesigned Game Summary Menu which includes post-game chat

Language Support
  • Mech Battle Arena is now fully localized in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian


  1. The Blast Tang Clan is active!

    All bros & ladies who want are welcome.

  2. How is account switching handled on the Ouya? It just tries to auto update so you cannot access your code 1 and 2 - meaning Ouya players lose their accounts?

  3. This upgrade is insane! Hahahahahaha!

  4. So what does everybody think of the Grenade Launcher? So far, I find it to be useless. It is so hard to hit anybody with it. I'm really disappointed.

  5. I like it for my style of play, random. Haha! Plus you can use it to "shoot" around corners.

    1. Yeah, the bank shot is nice. But it loads too fast. They need to balance that.

    2. It loads fine for the kind of weapon it is. Just slightly faster than what shotgun, flak etc used to load before updates from long ago. Strange how no one speaks to that because it seems like some players seem to still be able to reload fairly quick. Also, I was playing against a friend yesterday who was sitting next to me, my movements were really on a lag compared to his, as in at least 1-2 seconds. Anyone else getting this? Don't know if it was just because of update because it was the first time playing next to someone I'm see room.

    3. Playing from iPad has been laggy for me, I get dropped from half the matches I play

    4. The game was moved to glu servers. Another big issue I'm having is getting stuck on the destroyed pieces of buildings, street signs and fire hydrants

    5. Yeah, I noticed that too. It gets pretty annoying.

  6. Transfer via email isn't working for me, any1 else have same problem?

  7. This update started locking up my Ouya.

    Twice now, it will go to the title/loading screen where you normally see "searching for game..." but without the status bar at the bottom. Then I need to hard reset. Even holding the home button doesn't fix it.

    1. Been dropping me from matches all day too

    2. Hey Sirswash, we've been noticing that you've been dropping often. Is your network stable? Are you playing on Wi-Fi or over the air (3G/4G)?

    3. Been playing on iPad with wifi, it's not my network, i play other games on iPad, and use same wifi to play much more demanding computer games

    4. I think it may be in part to thrusters, I have multi direct thrusters, that caused problems before but is much worse now

  8. Is anyone else getting MobulaJP's profile popping up on their account?

    1. Support said they were having issued transferring to ouya, should be fixed in a day or two

    2. Deadgiveaway - You're getting MobulaJP's profile? Can you send a screenshot of the Profile page to support@mobulagames.com and we can look into this in more detail? Also, are you playing on an OUYA?

    3. I'll send it now. It's random, happened maybe 2 or 3 times. I took a screenshot the last time it happened. Doesn't look like I'm playing as JP but when I click profile to check my stats, his shows up. Im on an iphone 5s... And I still kick everyone's butt. Hahaha!

  9. Ok, in Ouya how do you quit the game? I don't mean just leave a match. But go back to the Ouya system home screen. It used to be holding the black OU Home button in the middle but that doesn't work any more. Literally the only way I can figure out how to leave Mech Battle Arena is to reset the console. That powerful sucks.

    1. For the OUYA, you can quit out of any game by double-tapping the OU Home button in the middle.

    2. Okay, that worked. Thanks!

  10. I will be on at 5 joining a guild also
    @Omegakairi, what guild are you in???

    1. Yes I said before you were welcome Barroth.

    2. Knew it wouldn't take long for you to come out of the woodwork, hows your clan of you and some castaway background mechs going? What was it again, the Poontang clan?
      Go fig a bunch of Poonmechs.

    3. I'll take poontang over gayness any day and twice on Sunday. I'm not judging you though.

      Happy blasting.... oh wait. Scratch that. Happy pegging.

    4. Your worst insult so far, Gaynetix doesn't even relate to Genetics or God, it is a one layered insult that is something a child could come up with, is your mind child-like?

  11. I would like to bring up a problem with team deathmatch. While there is not supposed to be friendly fire, there are few things that still cause it. Things like rockets and certain mech abilities. I think the latter really hurts the usability of certain mechs such as Shaydan or Electromag in team deathmatch; Every time they use their ability, they risk hindering their team mates.

    1. Agreed about the mech abilities

    2. But u can kill your self with a rocket or ur own mine if an enemy activates it, so I think explosions should hurt your team too. Don't be careless with the rocket