Monday, August 5, 2013

Updated Leaderboards: Top 100 World Rankings

Hey Mech Pilots! Here are the updated current Top 100 Rankings in the World* for iMech Online (as of 8/4/2013):

Rank Callsign Level Rating 
1 GRUDGENAUT 30  4,519
2 MADSCIENTIST 30  3,231
3 ALPHA 22  2,958
4 SIRSWASH 27  2,848
5 PILOT07784 30  2,756
6 MIKE_LITORUS 27  2,745
7 TOM0000009 13  2,727
8 ARCHID 21  2,691
9 FIREFOX 30  2,656
10 MALICIOUS 14  2,556
11 PREDIGER76 28  2,555
12 BETSY 25  2,523
13 PPHBOSS 30  2,519
14 STRESSOR 24  2,492
15 SNAKE 16  2,376
16 BDEBOW 18  2,321
17 WYRM42 25  2,275
18 HUNGLO90 16  2,273
19 DRAID 22  2,247
20 XZANOS 16  2,241
21 ERIC 21  2,199
22 SUBJECT44022 27  2,177
23 BLASTY_D 21  2,173
24 MARCO 19  2,139
25 BARROTH 13  2,118
26 JOE 13  2,070
27 M3ANBONE 14  2,068
28 GRUDGEROLLER 9  2,000
29 JCRUTCHFIELD 14  1,936
30 FEIBS 27  1,876
31 PILOT53638 11  1,872
32 CRUTCH76 24  1,841
33 BLACKKNIGHT 23  1,782
34 MECHA28683 14  1,774
35 LUIGIMAN 12  1,772
36 ACE87239 8  1,768
37 IMPERATOR 12  1,767
38 ASCII87061 10  1,765
39 NOTORIOUS 22  1,726
40 BBBBB 22  1,719
41 DOGMA 12  1,680
42 HOUSTON 13  1,637
43 REDSKULL_88 16  1,604
44 WOLFINFIRE 16  1,582
45 KRISS 19  1,575
46 SUPERGEEK 7  1,568
47 BIGTED 13  1,562
48 SLAPSHOT 11  1,556
49 SPIRIT 8  1,548
50 BADANDY125 12  1,541
51 GUSTO 12  1,529
52 DEADGIVEAWAY 30  1,510
53 TEE 14  1,495
54 JJJ 20  1,474
55 KAFTAN 21  1,469
56 SWEETKILLER 12  1,457
57 JP 19  1,451
58 WAFLEMUNCHER 8  1,444
59 MURDERFACE98 8  1,429
60 HUMAN64619 7  1,407
61 ENDERLORD 13  1,403
62 KNIB 11  1,391
63 CERBERUS 19  1,388
64 HIGHTECHME 10  1,385
65 HUMAN76435 8  1,383
66 ASTOCKYLEMON 7  1,377
67 KILLAJORREL 18  1,369
68 HUMAN38118 14  1,349
69 NO_MERCY 7  1,348
70 TREDWARDS 11  1,348
71 JACOBI 11  1,348
72 KENNETH16622 17  1,343
73 MECHAFIGHT14 9  1,335
74 MOBULA 14  1,332
75 LORD 8  1,329
76 PRIME 27  1,327
77 PILOT31895 7  1,317
78 SEUR 8  1,309
79 MECHA79118 9  1,303
80 HEAVENLY 6  1,302
81 FANMAN 19  1,295
82 HOBO 7  1,293
83 JAKESTER 10  1,291
84 THORHAMMERD 5  1,283
85 SOMEKID 7  1,262
86 NUB38704 12  1,262
87 IPRO 8  1,260
88 SUPERMAN 5  1,259
89 ACE29393 8  1,252
90 URBANMETHID 10  1,229
91 HALOMASTER 10  1,226
92 ASCII12210 7  1,225
93 FACETHEMOO 6  1,219
94 LOOKSDREWISH 5  1,213
95 CHATTYNINJA 6  1,210
96 MECHA54688 5  1,199
97 BOSS 8  1,198
98 CYBERBOT 30  1,194
99 devi1fish 14  1,187
100 MECHZERO 7  1,183

* Active Users only as of the past 2 weeks.


  1. Protip: If MadScientist and Crutch76 are playing together, just drop out of the game and wait for when they're apart. You can't beat the two (friends) together.

    Protip2: If you want a high rating like Grudgenaut, drop out of games right before you get killed.

  2. Hello, I'm Alpha. BD, I have many teammates as you might know, I team with all three people you listed up there. BD what is your username in iMech online??? If you answer back, I might team with you as long as you don't kill me.

    1. This is the PPHBOSS. Me and Crutch pedigree madscientist and Mike are teammates. Do you want to form an alliance.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. They might be, but I'll team, even though we might be already.

  3. Thanks. I appreciate that offer.

    I play solo though, I've found my angle. When you team up then I pick out your flanks.

    I may get shot up but usually give as good as I take.

    I'm the Mech you love to hate.

    Good games everyone.

  4. Weapons load slower after 8/14 update.

  5. I keep getting asked that. Not me. Haha. He's not very kind.

  6. A few things:
    1. The teaming up is a problem.
    2. Fiddler + Corrosive gas needs a nerf. It is n00bsauce no-talent kill stealing.
    3. The ballistics favor fading too much. The practical impact is a slowing down of the game and discourages aggression.
    4. Need to fix rating system to account for time in match. It is ridiculous to get -25 for getting thrown late into a match.

  7. Archid, don't be mad that you get blasted. Fiddler + GC is a strategy, just like Electromag + shotgun. It's not a guarantee of a win. Next you'll say that gatling is unfair because the range is too far.

    And I've learned to deal with the team ups. Just divide + conquer. Hit indiscriminately. Dang, I love this game.

  8. BD... I'm not sure who you are, but I will address your comments.

    I don't get "blasted" by that combo, but I do think those mechanics are problematic. The CD for grappling arm is low enough that you can essentially pick out an insta-kill and hide the whole match. It is different than the Electromag+shotgun because it pulls an opponent out of a fight rather than having to put yourself into the mix. This combined with the ballistics favoring fading make it very simple for someone to achieve a high K:D without much effort. I don't believe that it is objectively balanced and it is also why you have started to see more players going with it. If you look at after match stats the dmg numbers will support this.

    Geistor Blink into a wall or object bug is getting more widely abused. This should be addressed as well.

    1. True blinking into the wall is messed up, sometimes, you get past the wall out of the stadium!

  9. I'm nobody of consequence. Just a noob!

    But a few problems I've noticed:

    Sometimes the weapon selection gets stuck if you have a single item (rocket, mine) and use it. Even though depleted, the screen still shows the item and you have no weaponry until you can pick something else up.

    And, every so often I must OCD check my upgrades because even though an icon may show, when I press on it, it says "No Upgrade". It seems to randomly pick out upgrades to disable.

    Platform - Ouya

    1. Do you want to team up? I don't mind teaming up with anyone. I do agree with #2, and I think Blasty_D should stop doing that.

    2. No. But thanks. Teaming up doesn't become right just because we agree to it. And Blasty_D can hit you from afar with other weapons too.

      You guys are a trip:

      "Stop killing me" "Mods make it stop".

      It's a game where you do nothing but. Check your radar & adapt.

  10. Hi Guys,

    We are looking into the issues you guys have mentioned here and we hope to have them fixed in the coming updates. Thanks for bring these issues to our attention and a special thanks for playing the game.

    -Mobula Team

  11. What's going to be in the next update?
    Also, can you add the in-game leaderboards? It doesn't work right now.

    1. The next update is in-game leaderboards and they just went live today.

  12. Replies
    1. As do I.

      Just wait out his shield sphere and the counter strong.

  13. How come whenever Aegis repairs his shields, it sounds like the song Love Bites from Def Leppard?

  14. After the latest release, I can barely do any physical/fire damage. wth?

    When you stack upgrades, does it actually do anything? Gatling Shield x4, Fire Hull x3 and I'm not making sparks on the enemy mech? Maybe lag? Is it overkill to have stacked upgrades if they don't increase the damage ability?

    The upgrade to repair hull doesn't seem to do anything. I haven't tested since the latest release.

  15. I have noticed that lag seems to be much worse. The hitboxes on myself and enemies seems much further off.

    Additionally I am being thrown late into matches much more than ever before. This is infuriating to get -25 rating for a match were there literally isn't enough time to get enough kills. This is a pressing problem.

    1. I know some of you princesses care more about your rating than anything. The rating system is messed up so I don't care about -25. I just like taking out hi profile mechs.

      Just for fun, kill PPHBOSS twice in a match. He'll drop out every time.

    2. It's pretty screwed up when you drop 500 points in a week mostly due to late matches. Don't have a rating system if you can't fix simple things like this.

  16. I actually don't think the upgrades work. I have the regenerate shield +1 per second, put it does nothing. Also, BD, when you have 3,000+ rating, you have to have a good ratio of at least 3 or so.

    1. Interesting, you might be right about that.

      I just thought that the effects weren't stacking, but they may just not be working at all. :(

  17. Hi Everyone,

    We have deployed a new rating system which will take into consideration the time spent in a game and when you left.

    We are checking the upgrades issue but so far the upgrades we have tested work and they also stack.
    One Note is that the shield regen only works when the shield energy is greater than 0 as stated in the in game text.

    Thanks for your feedback and for playing.

    1. Thanks for the info & updates!

    2. Appreciate the responsiveness and taking concerns seriously. Way to go! Obviously if people are complaining it's because they like the game enough to care. I have a blast playing.


    3. That's a key point Archid.

      It's a great game. I can be very forgiving with a concept/execution like this. It will be great to see how this evolves. I love the new arena, new upgrades, new mech, etc.

      ~ Blasty_D

  18. It seems like a lot is messed up now:

    Gatling & flamethrower rarely register damage.
    Gadget claw connects maybe 30% of the time now.
    I can hit fools point blank w/ rocket and no kill.


  19. Hello Blasty_D. I finally get to know your name. Not just b/c I want to see my teammates, but has anyone seen Grudgenaut lately? I haven't seen him in a week and a half or so.

    1. Hey Alpha,

      Nice playing w/ you.

      I haven't seen the Grudge-man(or woman?) either now that you mention it. Maybe offline for vacation or something.


  20. Hello Alpha, Great to have you as a teammate.


  21. A word about the rating system and how it's hurting your gamification.

    I was in a match by myself for about half of it. A player joined. I killed him once, he left. No one joined the match. I got -25 rating.

    This also happens in matches with 2-4 players. I may finish the match with 5-7 kills and still get -25 rating with no deaths.

    It is essentially a penalty for playing the game when few others are on. It discourages playing b/c I know if there is not a full room then it will be very difficult to avoid a negative rating.

    The time change to the rating system is an improvement, but it amounts to losing less points in some of these scenarios rather than actually rewarding someone for playing and playing well for a short period of time.


  22. Yeah, they should compile the rating based on total players in a session.

    That said, who cares about a rating? I'm bouncing around 3k but I don't punk out if I'm not going to get +25. As long as I'm having fun and laying the advanced blastation upon the head and hull of other big dawgs. I may not get you every time, but if I take a chunk out of your armor and make way for a n00b! to blast you then that is victory to me.

    Also, The leaderboard doesn't work on Ouya. If anybody besides me cares.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I wonder how many people are playing on an iphone vs using a controller. It seems like the click and release weapons are really buggy on iPhone. I get a lot of misfires.

  25. Archid, what's your rating, mine is always somewhere from 3700-3900. I see you have leveled up too Blasty_D

  26. Also, Ouya players can't use the chat feature.

    I'm not being a dick and not responding. I just can't. :)

  27. This is ridiculous... I keep getting -25 rating with 0 deaths in matches of less than 4 people. I have gone from a high of 3700 to 2800 rating now. This is really annoying me to the point of not wanting to play this game.

    1. We'll be working on a fix to address this issue of getting -25 rating when there's a low amount of players.

    2. 7 kills 0 deaths -17. I don't get it. This was in a game that everyone had left and there was no one to kill.

  28. You all can update these leader boards for September any time.

    Although when a 5 + 1 round causes a -11 point drop I'm not sure I care so much about the rating system.

    1. Have you guys noticed that once you reach a certain level that your mech gets weak? At times I can't kill anyone even if I put fire on them. Not sure if that's a way to keep scores down or a bug that needs fixing. I've played this game forever and there are guys much stronger than me but once I reached 2300 points I couldn't go higher no matter what I done. Now after months I hit 3000 and now if I have 8 or 10 kills and any deaths (even 1) I get a - in points. I see guys drop from 3500 points down to 2000 points often. I think that's why you never see some of the strong guys play anymore. Mad scientist /grudgenaut etc havnt played much at all lately. Is it because they are guaranteed to drop if they do play?

    2. recheck you upgrades and actually click on them. I notice mine will go away randomly. The icon is there but the menu says "no upgrade". When I get weak it's because I lost some of those.

      Also the fire seems to have an effective sweet spot. If you too close (touching) it won't register damage.

      I think everybody is dropping because the ratings are broken. But if that means Archid isn't playing (and usually kicking my @ss) then it's fine by me ;)

  29. A few tips from the blastman:

    -Use your position to your advantage/make your position. Stay out of the open for long periods and always maneuver yourself to get your enemy pinched between you and the general public/other enemy mechs.

    -You can usually dance around buildings long enough to recover your shields.

    How to fight an enemy with:

    -Disrupter - these are hard to connect but when a fully charged one lands it strips your armor and some hull. take a left-right (using a bit of thrusters) and not a back-forward footwork angle. keep them at a distance and firing often (not charging the disrupter is an ineffective strike). I can stay healthy all day trading shots with these guys while wailing on them with my gatling.

    -Shotgun/flak cannon - people moaned about my Fiddler but there are plenty of tactics in the game that are effective. Not cheap, not illegal. Just effective. I used to hate the mechs the blink up to me and offer a hearty shotgun blast. These are easy. Get used to making a quick left or right when you see these guys/gals up close. The SG anyway has to be a dead center hit. They are usually fumbling for a reload while I'm tearing a corrosive gas mechfart.

    -Electromag - when you see his bubble that just your sheild. it took his also. he has heavy hull points but work him quick and he will start sparking and get blowed up right proper.

    -Gadget Claw (Fiddler) - I only ever fought one other Fiddler until I started a tactic of pulling others into my gas cloud. Now I see a bunch. Alpha - the Colonel skin? Really? But the claw isn't as clockwork as it used to be, to the devs credit. So when you get grabbed if you have a counter corrosive gas cloud ready hit it quickly and finish them with flame/machine/gatling. Or when you see the claw coming, thrust left or right.

    But now sometimes I just grab other mechs to exchange positions with them (if I'm taking flak) and run off on my merry way.

    Wyrm/Prediger, our 1-on-1 games were tons of fun.

    SirSwish, props on 14-0 with a Taurus mech which isn't your normal rig.

    When you and two other teammates all roll up on me with bootlocks that is just cheap.

    If you have wondered, my upgrades are usually:
    Gatling Hull damage x2
    Gatling Shields damage x3
    Flamethrower hull/shields x3 x2
    and a few others.

    1. I do kinda regret buying colonel fiddler, b/c I don't use him much anymore

  30. I play on my cousin's profile sometimes. his profile's name is kenneth16622

  31. I'm sure I'm a game boss. Or at least a mini-boss.

    My idea for a mech:

    A UFO or top hat shaped floating mech (need more flying mechs!) and it's special move can be called "gravitational pull" and pull nearby mechs & items closer for a few seconds.

    Remember like any move it can be an asset or a liability depending on how you use it.

  32. Oh yeah and griefing Apple users is about the most satisfying thing in the world.

  33. It was an early multiplayer game term for players being jerks. But in this game all we do pop other players, so griefing is the point.

    Which made me wonder what are our mechs fighting about anyway? Maybe there can be peace and mecherly love.

    Or not.

  34. I like to switch around with shotgun and flamethrower, but I think machine gun should shoot farther (this is kenneth16622).